Activate the Inner Jaguar with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Activate Your Inner Jaguar

Starting July 9, 2019 

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Activating Your Inner Jaguar changes how you treat yourself, how you love, how you show up for relationships, how you parent, how you deal with money, and how you do sex.


I teach this course because this information changed my life—and I see it transform my students each time I teach it. This new way of looking at your being, your reactions, and your desires will empower you to make choices that fit what you truly long for. Join us!

Registration Closed

A note on refunds: Please note that we do not offer refunds for Magamama courses. We are as clear as possible in our marketing, to tell you the content of the class, and what you will be learning. We're committed to delivering you stellar information. We promise that if you do the work of watching the classes and doing the exercises, you will walk away from this class having experienced transformational moments, and an embodied wisdom that will only deepen over time.