Feminizing of Sex: An Embodied Conversation of Sexuality

What if a deeper connection to who you are as a sexual being could bring you into deeper relationship with your purpose? 

What if you felt at ease talking about sex (your sexual selves, your history, your personal experiences)?

What if you could explore your authentic sexual self, free from the stories of your lineage, your mother, your father, the religion you were raised in?

What if you were genuinely connected with your sexuality and honored yourself deeply through your expression of it?

What if you were in touch with your feminine power?

What if you felt your desire?

This course is for you if:

  • You know there’s something magical about sex, but you can’t seem to get there
  • You want a real sexual education about your body and your responses
  • You’re at a point of transition: motherhood, menopause, or a breakup, and you want to know yourself again
  • You want to strip away the layers of shame wrapped around your body,  your sexuality, and sex
  • You want to feel desire
  • You feel confused about how to communicate what you desire, and often feel deeply disconnected during intimacy
  • You have a great life and a great partner—and a lame sex life
  • You want do do your own personal work so that you can teach your children about sex, the way you would have like to have been taught

What You'll Study:

  • How to Connect with Your Truest Inner Voice
  • Understand and Explore Your Own Sexual Anatomy
  • The Difference Between Orgasm and Climax
  • How to Clear Old Wounds – and Step Into the Center
  • Access your Sexual Energy as a Key Piece of Your Life Force
  • How Female Energy Bodies are Different from Males
  • What Qualities are Unique to a Woman’s Spiritual Path and to YOUR Spiritual Path
  • What forgiveness really means and what happens when we get there too soon
  • And much more

Course Format:

  • daily lessons (5 per week)
  • weekly teleseminars, Tuesdays at 11am PST (recorded if you’re unable to attend live)
  • POWERFUL and tender personal inquiries and assignments
  • a private Facebook community

What others have been saying about this course: 

"Wow. I'm very thankful for this space and the ability to have a circle of people who use a similar language in self-love and self-care. This course is so incredible. I keep absorbing it at different times in different amounts...Kimberly, your words are also so healing. How you told someone’s mother to “get out of her pelvis” I was like YESSSS. The permission you encourage us to give to ourselves for self-pleasure is life changing." - C.M.

"I just want to say THANK YOU for creating this class. Wow. To say that this experience has been nothing short of life altering for me, would be an understatement. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Kimberly, you've done an amazing job of listening to all of us and helping to lead us out of the dark cracks of hidden shame and back into the light of day. Thank you for that.

There are many ways to peel an onion. During this class, I didn't just peel off the thin, translucent layers of skin that I've plodded along in traditional therapy for years - I dug my fingers into the heart of the onion and ripped off an enormous chunk of shame and embarrassment and tossed it aside. Kimberly, I can't begin to thank you enough for helping me do that. I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I know I have a lot more work to do and I'm actually looking forward to it." - Kimberly G.

"Thank you for sharing such a beautiful, thought provoking and gosh darn sexy class. I still have the last week to complete but even so I have been cracked wide open and I am forever grateful!" - K.P.

"I have a wider perspective of women's sexuality than I did a month ago -- this has given me more hope for women and for humanity in our profound abilities to heal and create. I have a much greater appreciation for my own ability to intrinsically create in a world that can seem so boarded up and closed off...thank you." - Louisa


A note on refunds: Please note that we do not offer refunds for Magamama courses. We are as clear as possible in our marketing, to tell you the content of the class, and what you will be learning. We're committed to delivering you stellar information. We promise that if you do the work of watching the classes and doing the exercises. you will leave this class having experienced transformational moments, with a deeper understanding of yourself and your sexuality.

Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly Johnson

About the instructor

Kimberly Ann Johnson is a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution practitioner, birth doula, and single mom. She specializes in helping women prepare for birth, recover from birth injuries and birth trauma, and heal from sexual trauma. She is the founder of Magamama.com, an international holistic women’s health care resource for expectant and new mothers. She is the author of The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring
Your Vitality


Join us to unstrip the conditioning, peel back the layers, unshame with other women, and enjoy who you are as a sexual and spiritual being.

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