Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Fourth Trimester Food

    • How to use this course

    • What is Postpartum? with Kimberly

    • The Fourth Trimester Cookbook

  • 2

    Eat like Your Great Grandmother in the Postpartum Time

    • Nourishing Postpartum: What to Eat and Why with Kate

    • The Mama Baby Microbiome with Kate

    • Kitchen Demo: Three Essential Ferments with Kate

    • Download: What to Eat in a Day and How to Ask for What You Need

    • Hydration: How to Stay Adequately Hydrated with Kate

    • Postpartum and the Nervous System with Kimberly

    • Special Conversations: Food & The Nervous System with Kate and Kimberly

    • Download: Helpful Kitchen Supplies

    • Download: Postpartum Pantry List

  • 3

    Resilient Mom, Resilient Baby: Rebuilding with Collagen, Animal Fats & Proteins for Postpartum Healing

    • Kitchen Demo: Meat Stock with Kate

    • Birth Recovery Foods with Kate

    • Kitchen Demo: Rendering Fat with Kate

    • Kitchen Demo: Making Ghee with Kate

    • Special Conversations: Collagen, Connective Tissue & the Nervous System with Kate & Kimberly

    • Download: A Guide to Fat in the Postpartum

    • Download: Sourcing Guide

  • 4

    Reframing Comfort Food: Eating the Right Foods for Ease of Milk Production

    • Kitchen Demo: Properly Prepared Grains with Kate

    • Blood Sugar Regulation & Sugar Cravings with Kate

    • Mental Health and the Nervous System with Kimberly

    • Healthy Milk Supply & Food with Kate

    • Special Conversation: Breastfeeding, Guilt & Nourishment with Kate & Kimberly

    • Special Conversations: Cravings and Comfort Food with Kate and Kimberly

    • Download: Properly Prepared Nuts and Grains

    • Coffee Replacements & Nourishing Beverages

  • 5

    The Key to Anti-Fatigue: Daily Food Requirements & the Superfoods that Build Life Force.

    • Organ Meats: The Ultimate Superfoods with Kate

    • Kitchen Demo: Liver

    • Kitchen Demo: Russian Custard

    • Kitchen Demo: Bone Marrow

    • Special Conversations: Learning How to Rest with Kate and Kimberly

    • Kitchen Demo: Heart


4 Modules of Postpartum Nutrition
9 Lectures on understanding Postpartum Recovery
10 Kitchen Demos showing how to make Postpartum foods
8 Resource Guides to help your Postpartum Journey
5 Special Conversations with Kimberly and Kate diving into the personal side of Postpartum

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