Limits & Boundaries

Limits & Boundaries

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Limits and Boundaries is for you if you experience: 

  • confusion around boundaries in work and life

  • feeling at a loss for words when things aren't going your way

  • taking everything personally (from someone else’s social media post to a friend’s disappointment)

  • feeling like you need to give more than you're available for

  • a lot of good ideas but you don't move forward 

  • dread around the holidays or social gatherings

  • repeated push-back when you say no

  • promising more than is actually fair to you

  • underearning

  • many aha moments or insights but nothing really changes

  • always being the "bigger person" (ignoring what you’re actually feeling)

In Limits and Boundaries, you’ll learn to:

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  • Understand your default response and how to rewire it

  • Discover your hooks and triggers, and practice a plan for getting free of them

  • Express convincing yes'es and no's

  • Identify your bottom lines and communicate them with strength and clarity

I created this course because there is a deep need in our culture for differentiation, and for being able to hold our ground with compassion—especially toward ourselves. We can maintain connection and renegotiate trauma through setting our own clear boundaries. Join this class for a deeply embodied education and real-life tools in holding your ground and owning your worth.

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