The Fourth Trimester Food

Overwhelmed by sifting through food fads to learn the best way to eat for you and your baby?

Join us for the NEW Fourth Trimester Food Course:

Five weeks of practical nourishment and ancestral food wisdom, influenced by worldwide postpartum practices

Ayurveda says 42 days for 42 years. That means that how a woman is cared for and what she eats during the immediate postpartum time impacts her health for the next 42 years!

Join us in this course to make those 42 days easier: to understand what to eat and why, and how to prepare delicious foods that you'll make to nourish yourself for years to come.

In the 5-week course, we'll cover: 

  • Ayurvedic principles
  • Ancestral foods
  • Reculturing the gut
  • Plant allies, herbal medicines, and vegetables
  • Sustainable energy
  • Lifestyle, and more

Each week, you'll get a 45-60 minute, in-depth video explaining the nourishment principles. Each week comes with one foundational recipe. 

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A note on refunds: Please note that we do not offer refunds for Magamama courses. We are as clear as possible in our marketing, to tell you the content of the class, and what you will be learning. We're committed to delivering you stellar information.

Centehua Sage
Centehua Sage
Writer of the food magic and recipes in The Fourth Trimester

About the instructor

This course is hosted by Centehua Sage: farmer, mother, postpartum doula, exquisite chef, and writer of the recipes and food magic in Kimberly Ann Johnson's book The Fourth Trimester.

Centehua believes that food is the bridge to the land, to our ancestry, to our roots as people of this earth, and plays a vital role in the healing and regeneration of the mother. How a woman is loved and supported during the fourth trimester determines the health and vitality for the rest of her life and also ensures the health and well being of her family.

This five-week course will change your relationship to food and help build your family's health for generations to come. Join us!

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